The faculty works together with the parents, whom we recognize as the primary educator of the children, in addressing the unique needs of the children of this community.

The staff believes our students must be given the opportunity to learn and grow in self-discipline and personal responsibility if education is to bring them a sense of self-reliance and creativity as life-long learners.

In educating our students at St. Jane's, we are interested in their religious, social-emotional, psychomotor, health and physical development, as well as the cognitive growth of each individual.

Mission Statement
The purpose of St. Jane de Chantal School is to create a quality Christian Educational Community in which our students see themselves as unique individuals receiving from and contributing to this community in preparation for their roles as mature Catholic adults.

As a Catholic school and an integral part of the St. Jane de Chantal Parish, we are committed to establishing a supportive, enriched, and responsive Christian learning environment in which students and teachers can strive for academic excellence.

Here at St. Jane de Chantal School, the faculty provides quality education which is permeated by the light of faith and our response to the individual needs of the learner.