FACTS Tuition
Tuition payments are now being processed through FACTS Tuition Management.  All families must complete the application process.  Our payment schedule this year begins with a August payment. We ask that you go to FACTS site at your earliest convenience to set up an account and pay your $50 registration fee. You will have the choice of when you would like your payment due as well as ach deduction or monthly invoicing.


Tuition and Fees 2019-20
Tuition Rates K-8 Schedule I Schedule II
1 Child   $4,340   $4,840
2 Children   $7,010   $7,510
3 or more Children   $8,830   $9,330
Tuition Rates 3 & 4 year old Pre-School    
Half Day 3 & 4 year old Pre-School   $2,175(per child)   $2,175(per child)
Full Day 3 & 4 year old Pre-School   $4,350(per child)   $4,350(per child)
Curriculum/ Book Fees 
K-8 Book Fees   $300 (per child)   $300 (per child)
Full Day Pre-School (3 & 4 year old)   $275 (per child)   $275 (per child)
Half Day Pre School (3 & 4 year old)   $150 (per child)   $150 (per child)
Fundraising Comittments K-8   $600 (per family)*   $600 (per family)* 
Fundraising Comittments 
Full Day Pre-School
  $600 (per family)*   $600 (per family)*
Fundraising Comittments
Half Day Pre-School
  $300 (per family)   $300 (per family)
Active Parishioner / Non Active Parishioner

For the 2019-20School Year an Active Parishioner is defined as a family registerd with the Parish actively living and practicing the Catholic faith by attending Sunday Mass weekly and contributing $300 to the Parish finances through weekly use of the offertory envelopes by May 12th 2020 and be involved in the required formational programs. If no contributions are recorded for a Parish School Family by January 1st 2020, the family may be required to pay the Non Parihioner rate. Non Active Parishioners are required to pay a $500 surcharge on their tuition. 

* All K-8 and Full Day Pre-School Families agree to meet the fundraising commitment of $600.00 by participating in Wrapping Paper Sale, Magazine Drive, Fall and Spring Candy Sale, or by making a $600.00 payment by May 15, 2020. Those families who exceed the $600.00 commitment will receive a tuition credit equal to 60% of the additional amount.
 St. Jane School Carnival
St. Jane de Chantal Summer Carnival service hours. Since the Carnival is a Major Fundraiser for the school and the parish, each school family is required to work a minimum of two shifts,with each shift being 3 hours at the Carnival.You can combine your shifts and do a 6 hour shift if you wish The shifts will be assigned on a first come first serve basis online at signup.com You will be notified when the website is activated.Families who do not complete their two required shifts will be charged $100.00 per shift. Payment is due prior to the start of the school year.The Carnival shifts are the only mandatory service hours that are required.There are also plenty of other opportunities to volunteer if you wish to help out.
Children's Center

2019 - 2020 Children's Center Information